Zille must come clean on R4m cash for offices – ANC WCape

Songezo Mjongile says people living in glass houses should be careful of throwing stones (Jan 29)

Zille must come clean on R4 million cash for offices

The laughable lamentations by DA leader Helen Zille to deflect attention following her own actions to snub The New Age Business Briefing breakfast on Thursday do not help her deceitful politics, says the ANC.

The ANC finds it interesting that Zille was forced to confess she took donations she did not want to confirm earlier. This confirms the ANC view that she consistently attempts to mislead the public and hence this revelation should force her to fall on her own sword.

The ANC in the Western Cape has taken issue with the DA’s braggart leader Ivan Meyer who boasted his party had R4 million cash for its provincial offices in Cape Town. In the ANC statement on 24 January 2013 it asked: “Where does this money come from? Could it be sponsored by the likes of generous companies who won lucrative contracts from the DA-run government – like TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris?”

ANC provincial secretary Songezo Mjongile says: “Zille’s hysterical tactics to rehash all sorts of unrelated stories in order to run away from her own mess is typical of her politics of deceit. Spin, lies, smoke and mirrors became the trademark of Zille and her party. Catching off flies and feeding that to the public does not address the real issue at hand.

“The ANC never questioned the money from the disclosed sources. We do respect confidentiality of donors. It is about the origin of the public revelation of R4 million in cash for the DA that needs clearing up. People living in glass houses should be careful of casting stones at others.

“Zille might as well come clean on this ‘donation’ as the DA purports to be a ‘clean image’ party! It would be hypocritical to at great length disclose some funds, but not the cash for its offices.

“The DA leader receives a lot of donations and is known for visits to amongst others various and sole service providers who deal with local and provincial government. It heavily invests in image building spend. It is therefore imperative that the DA should lead by example when it pontificates to others.”

Statement issued by Songezo Mjongile, ANC Western Cape provincial secretary, January 29 2013


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