Lindiwe Mazibuko’s call defies common sense – ANC

Office of Chief Whip says it is naked opportunism to demand release of confidential report



29 January 2012

Ms Lindiwe Mazibuko‘s call for the report on the investigation of the allegations relating to the private residence of the President to be tabled before Parliament “for it to be fully scrutinised and debated” is misguided and defies common sense.

We can only assume that her call was made on the spur of the moment, overwhelmed by the excitement of the media platform, and would therefore give her the benefit of the doubt. As a leader of the official opposition in Parliament, Ms Mazibuko ought to know that Parliament does not conduct public debates on reports of this nature, particularly those dealing with sensitive security information relating to the state or the head of the state.

It is naked opportunism for a person in her position, regardless of her emotional state, to contemplate such a call in the media. It exhibits a lack of rudimentary understanding on the role of Parliament.

It is reasonable and appropriate for a report of such confidential nature to be forwarded to the law enforcement agencies to investigate any possible acts of criminality, rather than be made the subject of a public political spectacle. No country can lay bare the sensitive security details of its head of state or the security operations of the state for public “debate and scrutiny”, as suggested by Ms Mazibuko.

Confused and uninformed political posturing, which Ms Mazibuko has the penchant for, can be easily mistaken for a robust and fearless parliamentary oversight over the executive. Parliament should not serve as a platform for gutter politics. We will not allow a situation whereby the constitutional role of Parliament is denigrated in such fashion.

We agree with the Head Office’s statement that through this report, our government has proven that it is responsive and accountable as it has responded to the public opinion on the need for an investigation.

Statement issued by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip, January 29 2013



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