The DA wants the New Age to die – CWU

Union says business breakfasts reach 3 million people through SABC 2 broadcasts

New Age SABC Breakfast Show

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has observed that it can only serve the interests of the right wing and the Democratic Alliance (DA) that sponsors of The New Age business breakfast show on SABC withdraw their support and that the event collapses.

The weekly programme reaches almost three million people who watch it on our Public Broadcaster – SABC 2 and this enables ordinary people of our country to get the message directly from those in power, amongst others.

If DA and its supporters in the bourgeois media get their way, our government will lose a valuable platform to speak directly to the people of South Africa about issues affecting all of us. This programme is a big problem for the DA as it challenges the views expressed by most newspapers which report very negatively on our country, government and our struggle for worker rights.

For that reason, the DA would like nothing better than for The New Age to die and for the business briefings to follow that route.  Then we will not get a true picture and an objective analysis of what is happening in our country and in our government.

The New Age is one of independent newspapers which challenge existing rightwing Newspapers which report negatively about our government. It tries to reflect fairly on our country and reports in a balanced manner. It will be exceptionally sad if this newspaper is silenced as balanced reporting will be a casualty of the right wing agenda.

Statement issued by Matankana Mothapo, CWU national spokesperson, January 23 2013



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