Lindiwe Mazibuko’s letter nonsensical – ANC

Office of Chief Whip says DA PL’s defence of FNB not surprising given their common modus operandi


23 January 2012

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip understands that DA parliamentary leader, Lindiwe Mazibuko, has written a letter to President Jacob Zuma ranting about a wide range of issues, which she blames on the President. The President will indeed find Ms Mazibuko’s letter, which contains wild and spurious accusations that cannot be substantiated, extremely difficult to take seriously.

Ms Mazibuko alleges amongst others that the President has failed to intervene in the “tensions” between unions, Implats and the Minister of Mineral Resources, following the mine’s decision to retrench 14000 workers. As the chief advocates of business and the wealthy, it is understandable that the DA will feel aggrieved by the criticism the government, ANC, unions and the broader society directed at Implats’ decision to condemn thousands into poverty without following proper consultative processes.

When it comes to issues of exploitation of workers and general labour conditions, the DA will rather blame the poor workers for their sufferings while maintaining deafening silence on the bosses. It is the same posture its Western Cape government took in the De Doorns farms strike, where Premier Helen Zille blamed the workers from the comfort of her air-conditioned offices, rather than intervene on the ground to resolve the impasse. Rather than being outraged at Implats’ unilateral action to send more people to the unemployment queue, Ms Mazibuko directs her criticism at those who are tirelessly working to ensure sanity prevails and thousands of jobs are saved.

The Office of the Chief Whip is satisfied with the Minister’s intervention in the Implats situation.

The defence of the FNB by Ms Mazibuko is also unsurprising, given the striking similarities between the DA’s political rhetoric and the bank’s latest political campaign. The modus operandi of propagating defamatory claims, untested and unsubstantiated allegations is what makes it difficult for us to distinguish between this banking institution and the DA. It is unfortunate that Ms Mazibuko thinks it is acceptable for a child to publicly call an elder “brainless”. Insults do not build, but diminish a climate for constructive, frank and open public discourse. They polarise our society, poison social relations and derail our progress as a nation.

While Ms Mazibuko feels obligated to blindly defend everything business does, she should be ashamed that she condones usage of children as the face of such a dirty political gimmick.

We have no interest in repeating the ANC’s clarifications on the wild allegations published in the media, which Ms Mazibuko parroted in her letter. We therefore hope that the President will ignore her nonsensical letter with the contempt it deserves.

Statement issued by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip, January 23 2013



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