Cape Town in top five BA destinations booked

British Airways customers have placed Cape Town firmly amongst their top five long-haul destinations this festive season.

Based on the number of bookings made, the Mother City is the third most popular place to visit on the airline’s long-haul network over Christmas and New Year. Only New York and Miami attracted more festive bookings, with Dubai and Hong Kong in fourth and fifth places respectively.

“It’s a significant achievement as this isn’t a poll of people saying they might like to visit Cape Town sometime, but customers who actually hold bookings and will be arriving here over the next few weeks,” explains Daniel Bainbridge, British Airways strategic commercial development manager in South Africa.

British Airways upped its London/ Cape Town schedule from daily to double daily in October, with all the flights operating as overnight services.

The top short-haul destination is Edinburgh, followed by Geneva, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Manchester.

With just weeks until Christmas over 1.9 million people have already booked to travel to the 175 destinations British Airways serves between December 15 and January 7.

The busiest day is Friday 21 December when 102 000 customers will take to the air for their festive holidays. After Christmas, January 2 will see the most people travelling with 91 000 people flying that day. On Christmas Day 27 0000 people will travel with British Airways, flow by 845 pilots and served by 2 473 cabin crew.

The airline is getting into the festive spirit serving mince pies and roast turkey on board. It will also be showcasing South African wines. For the first time it will be serving three regional wines from the same producer in its First cabin. These are the Mullineux Syrah 2010, the Mulleneux White Blend 2011 and the Mullineux Straw Wine 2010.


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