We need to forget about apartheid and move forward.

South Africa is a very special country with extraordinary people living in it. The people of this country deserves to be happy. They deserve to have only the best.

Everybody knows the history of South Africa. This is a very bad history, a history that must not be repeated, ever.

We are constantly reminded about our history by the government, politicians and even unions such as COSATU.
We should never deny our history, but we must learn to forget it.

For South Africa and all South Africans to move forward, we need to forget about apartheid. We must stop blaming everything that goes wrong in this country on apartheid.
We will never be able to move forward if we keep looking backwards.

Unfortunately we will never be able to forget because some of our politicians use the word apartheid every time they address the people. By doing this they misuse the history of South Africa. They use it for personal gain to get elected, or to stay in power. Take for instance the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC). The ANC always remind us of apartheid, they will use every opportunity to tell us about it and how they destroyed it. Wether in parliament or in the streets making a speech to get voters support, they will use the word apartheid.

They do this to stay in power. This is a type of mind control method used to make people vote for them. The ANC is however not the only political party to do this. But they are doing it notably more than any other parties.

For this country’s people to be united and to support each other, our politicians and political parties needs to work together to bring change. I know what your thinking now, what are the chances of the ANC working together with the DA. And that is the problem. People see our two main political parties fighting and badmouthing each other. And because of that the supporters of these two parties will do the same in the streets of where they live.

The people of the country needs to have an example of unity. And who will be a better example than our politicians and public figures. They must send out a positive image.

I’m not a politician. Or a member of any political party. I’m just an ordinary person. But I care for the people in this country. I have hope for this country. I can only hope that the people of this country will one day stand together and be united. And I’m sure that I am not the only one with this vision of a united South Africa.

The bottom line is: forget about apartheid, or we will live in the past no matter how far we are in the future.


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