Boycott our economy – EC ANC

Yesterday the ANC in the Eastern Cape called on all South Africans to boycott the South African wine industry and not to buy any wine from the Western Cape.

Eastern Cape ANC spokesperson Mlibo Qoboshiyane said people would be supporting workers’ exploitation if they continued buying South African-produced wine.

“Next time people binge on wines from the Western Cape, they must know that they support exploitation of black workers,” he said.

Farmworkers in the De Doorns area went on strike a week ago in demand of a R150 daily wage and better working conditions.

Qoboshiyane said farmers could afford to pay the workers what they wanted.

“The South African wine industry is making a lot of money locally and internationally; therefore, the wage demands of the workers are realistic and can be met by the employers.”

But what Mr Qoboshiyane doesn’t understand, is that by boycotting the SA wine industry (one of the biggest in the world), he will indirectly boycott the South African economy. And by boycotting one of the country’s biggest and one of its most important industries, will only cause more joblessness.

And Mr Erenreich and Mr Fransman can really stop blaming the Western Cape government now. Because COSATU and the National government under Minister Tina Joemat-Pietersen set the minimum wages of farmworkers at the beginning of the year.

Helen Zille, Western Cape premier, has called on Zuma to intervene in the situation.
Minister Tina Joemat-Pietersen has also urged farmworkers to go back to work.
While the provincial ANC and COSATU leaders keep threatening the workers if they do not keep on striking.
TAU SA said this was an attempt by the ANC to destabilize the province to win back power from the ruling Democratic Alliance.


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