Survey finds Zuma is popular with most

IOL news oct 8  zuma sep 14

President Jacob Zuma

Johannesburg – Despite being beset by controversy, President Jacob Zuma is viewed positively by the majority of South Africans, an Afrobarometer survey has found.

The survey, conducted in October and November last year, found Zuma had a two-thirds (66 percent) approval rating, while 63 percent of South Africans said they trusted him “somewhat or a lot”.

It also found that the majority of South Africans (71 percent) believed Zuma “rarely or never” ignored the courts and laws of the country, while 63 percent believed corruption was relatively uncommon in the president’s office and 37 percent saw it as a more serious problem.

The survey – the fifth round of the SA Afrobarometer survey – flies in the face of several polls and media reports that indicate Zuma is losing popularity.

But Afrobarometer’s Olmo von Meijenfeldt said such polls had “limited samples and are therefore not nationally representative”.

Earlier this year, a survey by consumer insights company Pondering Panda found SA’s youth had lost faith in Zuma’s ability as president of the country – and said if Zuma remained the ANC’s presidential candidate for the next election, it could cost the party dearly.

The Afrobarometer survey asked four questions related to the president that measured various issues.

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