CEE figures for WCape shocking – ANC WCape

Party says in the DA’s future designated groups will always remain ‘hewers of wood and drawers of water’

Two statements

1.) Statement by ANC Western Cape Provincial leader Marius Fransman:

W/Cape institutionalised racism needs transformation

The latest shocking figures by the Commission for Employment Equity confirmed that the Western Cape is the worst performing province in terms of employment for gender and race equity.

Even with a few possible bone-picking differences in figures it shows a continuous trend in many official reports that this province is slow to transform to represent the all-inclusive demographics. As a whole the report confirms and vindicates previous studies indicating the Western Cape digresses on this pertinent matter.

In the private and government work places of the Western Cape our fellow citizens from the groups deemed black, coloured or Indian people and especially women continue to suffer the prejudice that apartheid visited upon them.

After 22 years since the formal end of apartheid, there is still too little change in the Western Cape. The figures released by the Commission for Employment Equity speak for themselves: nearly 50% of all management positions are occupied by white males. African women occupy only 5,5%, coloured women 1,5% and Indian women 1,6%.

While we all dislike these apartheid racial categories; it shows why we still need them. Until representativety is achieved, doing away with these labels will hide this ugly truth and not redress the imbalances en injustices of the past in any meaningful way.

These figures are important because they give a scientific basis for our analysis as the ANC. We have said time and again the DA’s policies divide us. They take us back to the time before Nelson Mandela united us as a people. The DA’s vision for the future is clear: It is white and male – with Helen Zille in charge!

Coloured, Indian and Africans must understand this important point. In the DA’s future, they will always remain ‘hewers of wood and drawers of water’. Management is to be the preserve of white males, except for those compliant natives that don’t talk back and know their place.

The recent tragic events of Marikana are a terrible reminder of what the consequences of this narrow, exclusive and pernicious vision will be. Eventually the social pressure will explode, in a brutal and maybe even a violent manner. The failure to transform stifles people’s legitimate hopes and ambitions. It frustrates their attempts to build a better life for themselves. It promotes racial hatred and alienation.

The ANC calls for a change in policy and a change in government in the Western Cape. We will ensure a society in which the majority – that is black (coloured and African), Indian, women, youth and people living with disability – occupy their rightful representation of leadership and management positions in our society.

Lest anyone try to undermine this vision with cries of ‘merit and competency,’ the ANC will only promote and appoint competent people of designated groups on merit in these positions.

The DA stops these people from advancing in society.

The fact that the DA has been silent on this critical issue and tries to discredit the various reports proving the inequality, demonstrates two things: The DA is guilty of allowing this perpetuation of racism and they just don’t care about it or the people disadvantage by it. They are unashamed, as we have seen with Helen Zille’s own very pale male cabinet.

We challenge the DA to rectify this problem or do the decent thing: Get out of office and make way for a progressive, inclusive, representative government. Only the ANC can lead such a government!

2.) Statement by ANC Leader of the Opposition in the Western Cape provincial legislature (Ms) Lynne Brown:

What a mess the Western Cape made of the national, legislative and obligatory priority of employment equity!

The ANC is not surprised that the whole Western Cape badly failed the test in the latest annual report for 2011 to 2012 by the Commission for Employment Equity!

It is official: This province is across the board the least representative and progressive in most race and gender tests from workers to management level in the whole of South Africa. The report states the Western Cape faces future challenges if it does not address the imbalances soon.

The commission found that the ANC government performs well in all eight other provinces, but that much more has to be done here to improve the representation of the African population.

This Western Cape is also struggling to increase women employees, except white females.

But is it startling if the DA premier Helen Zille could not find any other woman good enough to appoint in her cabinet, if the DA here is mostly pale male, if the DA’s national leaders (including Zille) hates female representation targets and slated it?

The Western Cape is seen as hostile to African people, many blacks were purged from the province or municipalities by the DA, inferior services are fine for black people in townships and we know blacks are even deemed by many in the Western Cape as superfluous refugees.

Shame on the DA and its wit-for-purpose (fit-for-purpose) stance!

Statements issued by the ANC Western Cape, September 16 2012


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