Tourists told to skip Robben Island – what tourists think.

Robben Island with Table Mountain and Cape Town in the background

Cape Town – Some tour operators are discouraging tourists from visiting Robben Island in Cape Town because of repeated delays in its ferry service, it was reported on Thursday.

Tour guide Peter Pitout told the Cape Times that in one instance his group of tourists was unimpressed after having to sail on an old “rickety boat” that was overloaded.

“The interaction museum hasn’t been in operation for months and to really cap it off, they put [tourists] on the rickety Susan Kruger, which takes much longer to get there,” he said.

Wilderness Touring general manager Lionel Pead said there were continual complaints about the ferry service. Most tourists booked tours at the company in advance but had to be refunded at times because of ferry delays.

“The island is screaming out for good management,” Pead said.

Robben Island Museum spokesman Shona Khangala told the newspaper the regular ferry, Sikhululekile, was undergoing maintenance required after five years or 7000 hours on the water. – Sapa

What some of the tourists thought of Robben Island:

irene.buthelezi.1:    It’s to be expected. The ferry is pretty much like everything else in this country. But I don’t think it’s such a bad thing if tourists don’t go there and don’t get to enjoy the propaganda machine that gets spun.

hendrikvs:  Agreed Irene – it was embarrassing when I took friends from Europe there. What a farce that tour has become! No need to waste time and money going there.

chris.dixon.942:  I went to Robben Island 2 weeks ago on a small smelly crowded boat with limited seating. the tour was fine but Robben Island is looking shabby and dilapidated. The village has derelict buildings and knee high weeds all over the place. It looks as if it has been totally forgotten about. The prison is clean but also shabby. It is disgraceful.

lerato.kay.3:   I was in Cape Town from Sunday to Tuesday, visited Robben Island on Monday, booked an 11am ferry and it was supposed to be Sikhululekile. True to this article, we were delayed by almost 50mins, all this time we were just queing with no idea as to what caused the delay. To my utter disgust we were told to board some funny old ferry can’t remember the name. When we got to the island, there was no bus to carry us around we had to start by touring the D section on foot. For real get your house in order, Table Mt is still lekker I must add!


D_MAN:   The reason the ferry is always in for a service is because they cannot drive the ferry. it is forever been driven into the jetty or something. Why we ever got rid of our two ferries we used to have I do not know. I was surprised to have seen them in the carribbean at Tortola when i was there. I mean how can you get rid of two ferries and now only have one going backwards and forwards??????? Plus to go visit Robben Island is a bloody rip off for local South Africans and yet look what the Island looks like.



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