ANC has fostered a culture of violence – Pieter Groenewald

FF+ MP says govt must realise: what you sow you shall reap

Pieter Groenewald

Mr. Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus MP, Member Statement in Parliament, September 11 2012


Honourable Speaker/Chairperson,

On 22 May 2008 I said in a statement in this House that the ANC is at present reaping the bitter fruits of the failure of its government. One of the many failures was the lack to maintain law and order. The failure to bring violent crime in South Africa under control is resulting in many people turning to violence without the fear that they will be arrested and successfully prosecuted.

Everybody is now suddenly surprised about the violence at Marikana. The FF Plus warned that the violence with which strikes and protest marches are accompanied will in the end create anarchy. The FF Plus is today warning the government again.

The violence of the strikes of the Security industry in 2006 in which 64 people had died, the Public Service strikes of 2010 in which many people died in hospitals because workers were threatened with violence and death should they go to work, are telling examples.

Yesterday’s protests on the N1 in Touwsriver is a further example where vehicles and trucks were pelted with stones, drivers are injured and robbed, the tarpaulin of trucks are ripped off and the freight is carried off. And only one person is arrested.

Is this how law and order is being maintained? The innocent public which cannot change anything about the poor service delivery are becoming the targets and victims of the protest marchers. Violence perpetrated against citizens and only one person is arrested.

The ANC creates the culture of violence in South Africa, it created it before 1994 and it is still creating it. We are reaping the bitter fruits of a previous Minister of Police, Charles Nqakula, when he said to me in parliament that I should stop complaining about crime in South Africa or I should leave the country. The ANC government must realize: what you sow you shall reap.

Issued by the Freedom Front Plus, September 11 2012


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