Way forward for SA

Cape Town – Job creation and eradicating corruption should be top of mind for government if the country is serious about correcting the economic injustices resulting from apartheid.

This is the view of Fin24 users participating in a poll on the website, which led to a lively debate on Facebook.

Of the three options listed on the site, users indicated that affirmative action is clearly not working, with the majority feeling that it should be left to the market to sort out inequalities.

Most of the users on Facebook agreed with Nhlanhla Winnie Sibeko that jobs, fair salaries and getting rid of greedy politicians who commit and promote corruption should be the way forward.

Wrote Andrew Botha: “If R400bn was spent on creating jobs since 1994 instead of corruption, it would have helped plenty.”

Saandi Vadere Tshona agreed, saying that “eradicating corruption completely, investing in proper education and training and creating stable jobs” rather than “reverse discrimination through affirmative action” will go far towards solving the country’s ills.

Daddylocks Nchoe suggested that the “Goverment draft salary structures for mining companies, farmers and all sectors that need state intervention”.

Xola Ralarala was wondering if South Africans are blind to the opportunities for job creation.

He wrote: “Every African’s dream is to come to South Africa, for it’s the land of opportunities, but us as South Africans don’t seem to see these opportunities… how is this possible… is it because we are just lazy or too relaxed?”

Melanie Bromley suggested that President Jacob Zuma give part of his earnings towards correcting the ailing economy.

– Fin24


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