ANC WCape rejects Zille’s allegations

ANC says President must intervene in Western Cape

The ANC denounces the DA’s tactics of deception and a deflection trying to run away from its duty as the government of the Western Cape and passing the buck on service delivery failures pretending it is in opposition.

The ANC has responded to the trumped-up allegations trying to pin it on the ANC without evidence or substance.

ANC the Western Cape secretary Songezo Mjongile says: “The ANC is not surprised at the DA’s speculations and fabrications. It once more merely reveals the DA’s hypocrisy as it is trying to divert attention from real service delivery issues raised by communities. It has not even attempted to deal with the actual dire living conditions of people staying in flimsy and shanty shelters while we experience bitter cold and heavy rains where people suffer extreme hardship and flooding.”

The DA should at least respond the absence of storm water drainage in flooded informal areas against the background of the cutback of R1 billion on the City of Cape Town capital budget – not providing much needed infrastructure to the poor.

The province desperately needs more houses, but the DA-led government could not meet its own targets on human settlements and ten thousand families did not get the houses promised to them in the annual performance plan.

Inhabitable temporary relocation areas (TRA’s) like the much hated “Blikkiesdorp” have become permanent features in the City of Cape Town.

“There are no clear plans to upgrade the living conditions of poor people and no proper budget provided for this.

“The DA should have responded to problems to access to sanitation and basic services. Why does the DA not respond to a lack of electrification in some areas? Why does the DA not say why there is no or inferior refuge collection in informal areas leading to rat infestations, predictable outbreaks of killer bugs and disease flare-ups.

“The DA should explain why poor people in low lying areas prone to flooding are not relocated or pumps installed to deal with excess water? The DA failed to move people, while it builds massive pumps for areas such as Durbanville! This shows the DA is a party of spin, lies, smoke and mirrors interested only in cosmetic solutions.

“The real problem is not the protests or a vague threat by the Youth League, but the failures or inferior service deliveries.”

The DA called on President Jacob Zuma to intervene and rebuke the Youth League.

“The ANC calls on President Zuma for an audit on service delivery. This will once more confirm the maintaining of DA apartheid spatial development,” Mjongile added.

Statement issued by Songezo Mjongile , ANC Western Cape provincial spokesperson, August 16 2012


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