Zille ranting on again about blacks – ANC WCape

Songezo Mjongile says Premier has a record of ousting black professionals

ANC slams Zille’s ranting about blacks

The ANC slams DA leader Helen Zille’s continued beating of her “refugees” drum in her latest ranting about black professionals in the Western Cape.

Zille at the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry said there were no black people in the Western Cape for three hundred years or more (see Business Day report).

This was in relation to the shortage of black professionals in the province.

The Western Cape was also slated because it still does not meet equity targets for designated groups including women and people living with disabilities in Zille’s administration.

The ANC says it is to be expected of Zille who only appointed men to serve under her in her cabinet (the majority whites) and who has as mayor of Cape Town and in the Western Cape provincial government ousted many black professionals including highly skilled senior managers or made it impossible for them to stay on.

“It is tantamount to constructive dismissals. The way in which Zille conducts her political purging smacks of a witch-hunt. At the City of Cape Town she went on a spree to rid the administration of many senior managers and very valuable workers. When she took over the control of the province she dismissed the chief official Virginia Petersen (the former director general) and amongst others got rid of head of housing Shanaaz Majiet only to replace them with pale males.

“This means Zille actively played a role to reduce those numbers in the province. She cannot blame history for that. It is part of the perception of the DA’s practice to promote whites and men. To pretend black people are not indigenous to the Western Cape is a fallacy and shows Zille’s thinking about them being refugees in their own land,” says Songezo Mjongile, provincial secretary.

Statement issued by ANC Western Cape Provincial Secretary Songezo Mjongile, July 6 2012


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