Zapiro’s response to the ANC

Cartoonist says he and broader public have the right to be irreverent about leaders

Zapiro’s statement:

Cartoonists and the broader public should have the democratic right to be irreverent about leaders, especially leaders who display hypocrisy.

I didn’t put “The Spear” back on the agenda. I responded to reports that it would be discussed at the Social Cohesion Summit.

The ANC asks why I didn’t come to the summit: I wasn’t invited. If I had gone there, I’d have said dissident views are vital in a democracy and are a force for change.

The Spear issue was not resolved properly. The ANC bullied the Goodman gallery and the City Press into compromising. Freedom of expression suffered a blow.

My latest cartoon is meant to be scathing but humorous. It’s also serious commentary about a seriously flawed, hypocritical leader

Statement issued by Jonathan Shaprio via, July 6 2012


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