Marius Fransman challenges Donald Grant on textbooks

ANC WCape leader says MEC should come and see for himself the situation in the affected schools

ANC’s challenge to Grant and DA on books

The Western Cape ANC challenges education MEC Donald Grant and his DA leadership to accompany the ANC and SADTU to schools where there are learner support material shortages to ascertain the problems and facts for themselves.

This challenge follows on the DA blanket reaction of scandalous denials about the uncovering of non-delivery of books at three Kraaifontein schools. The ANC and SADTU donated mostly isiXhosa books to the parents and learners.

ANC provincial leader Marius Fransman (deputy minister for international relations and co-operation) says: “Grant must now indicate that he will accompany me to these and other schools to assess if what the ANC is factually stating about the non-arrival of printed books for learners between January and June is indeed true.

“I also challenge DA provincial leader Theuns Botha to come and see what the situation is and determine whether prescribed work and text books arrived or not. If it is true that there are indeed shortages, will he then make a public statement that the DA lied in news releases on this matter?”

The challenge is in reaction to the public denials by MEC Grant and Botha on behalf of the DA. Botha denied any shortages and embarked on a disgraceful personal attack instead of ascertaining the facts.

Botha and Grant is quick to deny any shortages, while parents, learners, teachers, school governing bodies and even officials of the department admitted that there are not enough books or even no books for certain subjects.

“The DA gambles with the future of poor learners in disadvantages areas while it bickers about semantics and hiding from admitting the problem. It tries to distract the public attention from the real problem: A shortage of books halfway into the school year. Grant and the DA runs away from taking responsibility to ensure all learners have the required books and that they do not lose any work due the poor management and oversight of the department.

“Something is wrong. It must be admitted and the problem fixed. By denying the truth, the DA is liable for poor performance in those schools and for the fact that those children are doomed because they did not get the chance to learn to properly read, write and calculate in this critical foundation phase,” Fransman added.

Statement issued by ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman, July 6 2012


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