De Lille posters an abuse of ratepayer money – Lynne Brown

ANC WCape says DA using public funds to promote Mayor politically (with picture)

The ANC deplores DA abuse of public money

The ANC condemns in the strongest possible terms the DA’s flagrant abuse of taxpayer money to promote the person of Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille.

This follows the latest gimmick of the DA to advance De Lille by putting up election style posters of her across the city publicised dominantly in the distinctive DA shade blue with strong white lines. It is part of an accompanying campaign on radio too where De Lille gets paid publicity out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

Leader of the opposition in the Western Cape provincial legislature Lynne Brown says: “It is clearly part of a strategy to personally promote De Lille within the DA and also giving the DA free publicity to build a platform for the next election with taxpayer money.

“It should also be noted that the DA in the province is embroiled in a contested leadership battle where various individuals are positioning them to take power since Theuns Botha announced he will step down.

“It is shameful that the party allows De Lille to abuse state funds in such a blatant way. If the guise is to conduct a campaign against drug abuse, why is her face in the photo dominating the message? It is shockingly opportunistic to do that on the back of a very sensitive matter and given the sad state of drug abuse in the city and province!”

Statement issued by Lynne Brown, ANC leader of the opposition in the Western Cape legislature, July 6 2012


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