Marius Fransman does it again – Theuns Botha

DA WCape leader says ANC leader’s textbook claims untrue and deceitful

Theuns Botha, Western Cape DA Leader


Marius Fransman’s allegations and actions today were nothing less than opportunism and desperation of the worst kind. He made claims that are untrue, deceitful and is nothing less than artificial grandstanding. Fransman is a political liar and not suitable for public office.

It is high time that Fransman realises cheap politics will get the ANC nowhere in the Western Cape. It is time that his dishonest and dangerous scheming in this province comes to an end. Once again we saw today how the poorest in our communities are made political playthings. It is sickening.

The Western Cape Education Department has the most sophisticated textbook online ordering system in the country. It also has an excellent track record of delivering books to schools on time. The DA is proud of this. Not because this provincial success story scores us political points. No, because it ensures that every learner in this province receives the necessary textbooks on time and receiving books on time is essential for a successful school year and ultimately school career.

The DA cares for all the people in this province and does its utmost best every day to properly maintain, develop and expand education-, health- and other services here. Once again, this is not done not for the sake of political expediency, but for the sake of the wellbeing of the entire population of the Western Cape.

It is time that the ANC in the Western Cape starts spending less time, energy and resources on misinformation, fomenting unrest and violence and attempting to destabilise communities and start focussing on becoming an honest roleplayer in the ongoing development of this province.

Dishonest and childish political expedience impresses very view people in this country – especially here in the Western Cape. Especially the poorer members of our communities are becoming increasingly fed-up with the empty opportunism of ambitious political leaders who can seldom put their money where their mouths are.

Sooner or later the ANC will have to face the fact that its unsuccessful attempts to regain power in the Western Cape are nothing short of transparent and pathetic. Nevertheless, the DA will continue to provide in this province while the ANC divides. We owe it to our people.

Statement issued by Theuns Botha, DA Western Cape leader, July 5 2012


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