Four WCape schools received R1,2m in textbooks – Donald Grant

MEC says provincial ANC misled the public about situation at Kraaifontein schools

Donald Grant, Western Cape Education MEC


The Western Cape African National Congress (ANC) has once again misled the media and the general public.

In a statement to the media, the ANC claim that “many learners in this province has (sic) yet to get textbooks at schools at the halfway mark of the year.”

To highlight this false claim, the ANC visited the Kraaifontein area where they claim that learners still do not have textbooks.

These claims are completely false. The four schools visited by the ANC today have received textbooks in the order of more than R1.2 million.

The fact is that these schools have reported to the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) that they do have the required textbooks.

It is clear that the ANC’s charade earlier today is a political ploy to divert the attention of the media and the public away from the ANC’s failure to deliver textbooks in Limpopo. This failure in Limpopo is tantamount to denying a crucial element of the constitutional right of the children of Limpopo to an education.

For the ANC to trivialise the catastrophic nature of what has happened in Limpopo through an obviously engineered attempt to score cheap political points is unfortunately typical of the role-players involved.

More details regarding the textbooks provided by the WCED to the four schools concerned will be published on the WCED’s website tomorrow.

Statement issued by Donald Grant, Western Cape Minister of Education, July 5 2012


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