Christians plan to pray Gaga away

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Lady Gaga

While some South Africans are over the moon at the chance of seeing Lady Gaga live, others are praying to put an end to the “fame monster”.

Last week it was announced that the US pop singer would land on SA shores in late November for her Born This Way Ball SA Tour. The following day, legions of eager fans crashed Computicket’s website as they tried to secure tickets for the concerts.

It seemed SA was more than happy to host the superstar. But religious groups have sprung up across Facebook demanding that the tour be stopped.

The artist is no stranger to controversy. With her raunchy music videos and bizarre meat-inspired outfits, she has always attracted attention.

Christians Against Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s SA Tours is a Facebook group with more than 2 300 members. Filled with posts calling Gaga – who was once accused of performing a satanic ritual in her hotel room – a “filthy demon”, the group is intent on preventing the “fame monster” from continuing her reign.

“I think it is time we stand as a united body to cause extreme damage to the kingdom of darkness,” wrote Raylene Rhode on the group’s wall.

Last Thursday, the group arranged a four-day “prayer avalanche” to support the cause.

The group will meet on July 7 to discuss the best way to deal with the pop superstar.

This is not the first time a religious group has interfered with Gaga’s plans. She was forced to call off a concert in Indonesia when police refused to give her a permit to stage the show, citing objections from Muslim groups which criticised her act as being pornographic.

But the anti-Gaga groups are not without their critics.

“This is disgusting. Using Christianity as a tool and an excuse to promote your own opinion is probably one of the most un-Christian things I’ve seen on the web,” Mike Cronje wrote on the Facebook page: Say No to Gaga and Satanists.

Douglas Simoes joined in, saying: “Wow, for a religion that preaches tolerance, this page just spews intolerance.”

Lady Gaga, while being infamous for her onstage exploits, is also well-known for her charity work.

For her Monster Ball tour, the pop star gave away exclusive VIP tickets to fans who spent time working with the homeless. She is also the face of the Born This Way foundation, which, according to the cause’s website, “seeks to foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated”.

Tickets for the concerts in Joburg and Cape Town are still available through Computicket. – Cape Argus


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