ANCYL ‘unapologetic’ as DA lays charges

The ANCYL deputy president Ronald Lamola.

The ANC Youth League said it remained “unapologetic” after the Democratic Alliance laid a charge of intimidation against its deputy president Ronald Lamola on Sunday.

“They are the ones who have been inciting this country to war because they refuse to give over the land,” said African National Congress Youth League spokeswoman Magdalene Moonsamy.

“We will not be held ransom by a minority group who continue to oppress the poorest of the poor,” she said.

DA Mpumulanga leader Anthony Benadie said in a statement that the party had laid a charge of intimidation against Lamola at the Middelburg police station.

This follows Lamola’s “reckless and provocative” comments about land reform, said Benadie.

“If Mr Lamola intends on being the next Julius Malema, then he needs to learn quickly that hateful statements are not tolerated in our South African constitutional democracy.”

Moonsamy said that the DA had not informed the ANCYL of the charge.

The ANCYL would continue its calls for the expropriation of land without compensation, she said.

“The economic situation requires a very hasty redistribution of land to the indigenous people of South Africa.

“We are unapologetic in ensuring what has to be done must be done.”

She recommended that “in good spirits”, instead of laying charges, the DA should think about how to encourage minorities to give land back.

Earlier this month, Lamola told a media briefing in Pretoria that Section 25 of the constitution should be amended to allow for a change in land reform policy.

“The only solution is expropriation without compensation,” he said at the time.

If white South Africans did not hand over land to poor blacks, there could be land invasions like those that took place in Zimbabwe, he warned.

He also reportedly said he could not guarantee the safety of “the Van Tonders and the Van der Merwes on farms”.

On Wednesday, AfriForum Youth laid a charge of intimidation against Lamola in Pretoria.

Chairman Charl Oberholzer said his organisation would also proceed with a charge of hate speech against Lamola in the Equality Court. – Sapa


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