Vote for New7Wonders Cities!! (Cape Town 24th)

Choose your 7 cities for the finalist phase starting on 7 Dec, 2012

New7Wonders have launched another campaign, this time for the 7 most wonderful cities in the world. The nomination stage is now complete and you can now vote for your favourite cities to compete in the finalist phase.

The top 5 African cities include:

1st. Niamey, Niger

2nd. Marrakesh, Morocco

3rd. Cairo, Egypt

4th. Asmara, Eritrea

5th. Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

With Cape Town in the 24th spot, Durban in the 53rd spot and Johannesburg not even making the list of 59 African cities.

Top 5 North American cities include:

1st. Los Angeles, USA

2nd. Las Vegas, USA

3rd. Chicago, USA

4th. New Orleans, USA

5th. Miami, USA

With the first city outside of the USA being Hamilton from Bermuda in the 8th spot.


Top 5 Western European cities include:

1st. Naples, Italy

2nd. Paris, France

3rd. Rome, Italy

4th. Venice, Italy

5th. London, UK


Top 5 Eastern European cities include:

1st. Prague, Czech Republic

2nd. Krakow, Poland

3rd. Katowice, Poland

4th. Athens, Greece

5th. Warsaw, Poland.

So vote for your favourite cities by following this link:

Its really easy and you can only vote for your 7 cities once.








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