Who is better, DA or ANC?

I know many of you will say the DA when it comes to service delivery and leadership style. But they aren’t always perfect, they make mistakes just like any other political party.

But when it comes to the ANC you just want to run for the hills. Not that I’m against the ANC (I have a lot of respect for the organization) but their leadership style is turning a bit sour these days. They threaten our human rights with the Protection of State Information Bill and don’t have a very god track record when it comes to service delivery.

They always try to sort out their problems, but it never seems to work.

When the DA does something wrong it’s usually breaking news, because you don’t expect them to do anything wrong or have any problems. But when the ANC does something they shouldn’t have you’re not even surprised.

I know it may seem that I’m a DA supporter but he truth is, I never even voted before. the first time I’m going to vote is in 2014.

I just think the DA has a better chance of growing in the elections than the ANC.

The ANC is 100 years old, that is their problem.They focus on the older generation, the people who lived during apartheid and the people who was old enough to remember it. While the DA is focusing on the younger generation of voters. The younger voter knows all about the ANC and how they stopped apartheid and made the country democratic. But the younger and more modern generation is more aware of the media, and so they will know of all the ugly stories in the country about the ANC.

The younger generation also doesn’t feel they should vote ANC because the ANC didn’t liberate them.

Like recently in the Manenberg-Gugulethu by-elections in the Western-Cape. The younger voters said they don’t vote ANC because the ANC didn’t do anything for them in the past and said they will rather vote DA who can do a lot more for them in the future.

While an elderly woman said she will always vote ANC otherwise she will betray her ancestors and the ANC.

So the question was: Who is better, the DA or the ANC?

Yes, when it comes to service delivery and leadership style, it’s always been the DA

When it comes to voters support (which is really the only thing that matters) it’s the ANC – but for how much longer can they fool the public into voting for them.






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